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>> this is "bbc world news." funding for this presentation is made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to
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work for wanid rege of companies. what can we do for you? >> and now, "bbc world news." >> base scandal claims its latest. -- the scandal claims its latest in britain. who will be next as more come under scrutiny? >> welcome to "gmt." the united states top commander in afghanistan hands over control and is now going to be in charge of the cia. germany wins the women's world cup. it is 7:00 a.m. in washington.
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midday here in london. this is where the scandal surrounding the news of the world continues. the british prime minister insists that his decision to hire a former executive from the newspaper is quite different. citizens step down after being criticized for employing the newspaper's former deputy editor. richard has the latest developments. >> the country's most senior police officer is the latest and most high-profile casualty of the scandal. he became personally involved after this man was arrested a few days ago. a former editor @ "the news of the world close " -- news of the world close " who went on to work for the police. >> i played no role in the management of that contract.
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we must have suspected the alleged involvement and let me say unequivocally that i did not and had no reason to do so. >> related to the prime minister is close relationship. speaking in south africa, david cameron rejected suggestions that there was simply a similarity. >> i would say that the situation is really quite different from the situation in government. not least of which is the issue at which we are looking at and the ones around them that do not have direct bearing some public confidence into the news of the world and to the police themselves. >> the prime minister appointed
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the editor at the time, you would think it is one more for the politics and one more for the police. >> others under the spotlight were tasked with the vetting him before he was employed. one member of the metropolitan police authority says that there should be more focus on the role of police in hackings scandals. >> there appears to be a certain amount of eagle behavior on the part of the police. i would have thought that that was the next step. >> rebekah brooks has been released on bail following her rest yesterday. this comes as a she, rupert murdoch, and his son, james, are
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due to give evidence tomorrow. >> david cameron is being forced to tackle this. >> dog by the phone hacking scandal, the details that the school girl may have had her phone hat, in afghanistan, the questions keep coming about regarding his judgment. david cameron is trying to handle this by asking parliament to sit for an extra day this week. they will have their chance to question him, as we can see the
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story is not going away and the opposition is going to step up their demands. >> of course, there were a series of people that were going to appear that were going to be scrutinized further. were they? >> tuesday shaping up to be a very big day in parliament. in the morning we are expecting a senior policeman, including the one that put it last night, to appear before the committee. they will be questioned and questioned again about this cozy relationship. also, of course, at the handling of the original investigations into phone hacking. the biggest set piece will be in the afternoon, when they will
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hear from rupert and james murdock, separately from rebecca brooks, who resigned from her post at news international on friday. >> plenty going on. i know it will keep you busy. >> other stories making headlines around the world today, let's check with thailand and cambodia, ordered to withdraw their troops. the united nations highest court ordered troops to leave the land. a number of people were killed, thousands fled their homes. the postal service website has been hacked into by a group calling itself the union of free syrian hackers. they ended a message with the slogan -- the people want to
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finance the egyptian revolution. three people have been killed in chile. the government says that three men opened fire in the back part of a train. it could prove to be a medical breakthrough. substantially reducing some of the most distressing symptoms of dementia. >> of dementia is a terrible and debilitating condition. traditionally doctors have treated them with anti-psychotic drugs. it can lead to serious side effects and risks of stroke or death. now it appears to a least be as
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effective and far less harmful. 352 patients with moderate to advance dementia. those taking pain relief had a 17% reduction in symptoms. >> the size was very significant. >> this was actually a substantial effect. >> > this man gets his pain treated properly and makes a big difference to the victims. >> you never knew how he was going to be, from hour to hour. >> they are looking for alternatives to treating patients with anti-psychotic drugs.
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urging doctors everywhere to be much more careful about whether a simple painkillers to be a better solution instead. >> general petraeus, the commander of nato forces in afghanistan, has stepped down from his job to head the cia. his successor now faces a tremendous task. with american forces slated to hand over control, there has been a spate of attacks as a sign of how difficult the transition is likely to be. more from our correspondent. good to see you. what is the legacy that general petraeus leaves behind? >> general petraeus came to afghanistan after receiving accolades for his stint in iraq. the general assessment here is that he has had a mixed review.
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he came here one year ago after 30,000 extra troops were worked in. that part of the surge in the southern provinces, like candy are, it is generally acknowledged that he has been fairly successful in containing the taliban in these areas. they even have a bit of a presence in the north. as seen over the weekend and last week, last week the president lost his half brother. the last night he lost another key presidential aide right here in kabul. it is clear that there are many challenges. his successor is under no illusion that the job ahead will be very difficult. >> of course, the transition, the handover between forces,
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there is not much confidence in this, many feel. >> it is a tricky process. you will have several thousand american troops leaving afghanistan, trained for the role. in many parts of the country the actual role is prepared by police forces and officials. these people are seen as slightly bolder rubble. people who may not be able to have the ability to stave off the challenges that others can hold. >> thank you for keeping us up to date. still to come, united in wanting to save greece and the euro, can a single currency solve the differences in time for
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thursday's summit? a sticky problem in northern france. trying to clear tons of toxic c. wade that has accumulated once again on the beaches of italy. the problem is caused by organizers -- caused by washing ashore. keith has the story. >> every year it builds up in the water and washes onto the land. tons of it. this summer it is worse than ever. a hot spring after the rain providing ideal conditions. today workers have alarms to tell them if they have released the gas. they have one minute to leave this part of the beach. to the local people that depend
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heavily on tourism, it is a disaster. wants to visit a beach looking like this? >> it was not tackled in the right way. >> the mayor says they are doing what they can to get the place clean. >> they say that they should trust. >> they have new machines before they hit the beach. but they have had mixed success. in any case, everyone knows that the real problem is on land. without changes to farming methods, beaches face regular visits of the green flag. >> much more on the top story today. the phone hacking scandal is on the web site.
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unfolding with a time line that handles the chain of events. the headlines this hour, the phone hacking scandal in britain claims more profile victims. the american top commander in afghanistan hands over control to become the new head. not surprising, news corp. is in focus. they are making headlines around the world. >> this is a gathering storm. investors around the world are piling on the pressure. news corp. is traded in sydney and new york. was the australian investor's but got to react to the news over the weekend. the resignation of their office
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scandal, the rest of rebekah brooks -- the of rest of rebekah brooks, news corp. closed down over 4%. overall, the biggest picture since the beginning of july, news corp. has lost $10 billion, just wiped off their value. i mention storm clouds, as you said, they are coming from all directions at the moment. politicians calling for their own investigation in the united states. two possible investigations from the department of justice. stop the press, they make one- third of their revenue from basically holding that license. on top of that, the ongoing pressure for political investigations. we were told that all of this could cause news corp. to think
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about its commitment. saying it would have very negative implications. >> it has gotten much bigger than news corp., as we know. a good example, the leader of the opposition in the u.k. suggested that they exit the business and that all of them be broken up. doing this under the guise of media plurality. the biggest irony is the interest they have in the uk. people are putting things out there without really thinking through what it can mean for the industry. the entire press could implode on the back of what is going on. >> let's pick up on another
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ongoing saga. the euro zone. officials in the region are racing to put together a new strategy and greece. still to be resolved? the same question, what role do private investors play in the greek bailout? the german chancellor is pressing them to commit to purchase more bonds, declaring the bigger contribution is made, the less likely further steps will be needed. pushing so hard, the rage incident -- agency ratings ruling has taken place. it has been warned that this monday, if that happens the banks will stop accepting greek bonds as collateral. >> the have agreed for greece and the spotlight be held until september. investors will immediately turn to spain and italy, where there are already focuses.
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to both spain and italy need a bailout? that would be the end of the euro zone. >> shares in asia's second- biggest mobile phone maker are suffering after apple gained the upper hand in a legal dispute. closing 4% down on news that the u.s. trade panel fringe to belonging to the iphone maker patents. if h c c loses, they could be forced to stop selling them in the united states. our technology correspondent explains what is at stake. >> this is the first cut screen phone running the android platform. apple says that this bone has stolen the ideas that they launched with the iphone.
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just one of a whole range of lawsuits from the industry. it shows just how much is at stake. apple overturned the apple cart in the industry, as it were. htc rushed in and found a profitable area. everyone is fighting about who owns the precise technology behind these smart phones and touchscreen capabilities. counter-suing each other in every direction, apple seems to have the upper hand. >> and the gold at home? you just got richer. for the first time in history it has topped $1,600 per troy ounce. is it the safe haven for investors at the moment? they are worried. there is a perfect storm, the
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euro zone debt crisis that rolls on. the clock is ticking, as we know. >> [laughter] it is not cheap. thank you very much. with it the two devastating natural disasters that hit japan earlier this year, there was very little to boost morale. against all odds, the women of germany have become the first team in aged to be crowned champions. >> sentiment was for japan. they were the favorites for the second half in the deadlocked.
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then the usa took the lead. but japan had already upset germany and sweden in the knocked out and were grateful for the lifeline. americans reestablish their lead. all they had to do there was hold out for extra time. this time it was their own making. that was not the end of the drama. japan began to feel they were at a numerical disadvantage. the first three it was a mistake
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as it went so low. in japan they were praying for their people back home. >> joining me now, good to have you with me. what does this mean for the japanese people? >> i should say that japanese female football is not as big as male football. >> in most countries. >> but it means a lot to our country. it is a double disaster. a strong first is what we have had four good news. this should be very big news.
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>> has the team progressed towards the finals? >> i should say that a number of these people have increased day- by-day. very early in the morning in tokyo, they were celebrating. >> for many, this was a part- time activity. >> many of football clubs are not very good. two of their own players were for theon inpep pepco, country -- company that controls the nuclear plant. the club had to stop playing after reports of the disaster.
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this is a very difficult situation. it is going to give a very big boost to football. >> the team will return to japan on tuesday, i imagine. what kinds of reception should they expect? >> they should be looking for enough to get them live on studio. >> thank you very much. finally, a mexican wedding with a difference. scuba diving. these two decided to commit to each other by saying their bows 5 meters underwater. they realized they had a common love of being underwater and for
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sharks. they chose the underwater venue to raise awareness for the endangered sharks. a fishy romantic tale, i think. coming to the end now, there is much more coming up. of course, the wider implications of the people coming under scrutiny. we are seeing a resignation of a top level commissioner of the metropolitan police as well. at our web site you will find a full biography of rebekah brooks. also, more information on what is happening with the police investigation and the select committees tomorrow. that is when we will see rupert murdoch before a select committee. parliament will reconvene on wednesday. all of that, plenty more to come. stay tuned.
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>> make sense of international news at >> funding was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york, stowe, vermont, and honolulu. newman's own foundation. and union bank. >> union bank has put its global financial strength to work for a wide range of
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companies. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet los angeles.
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